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5 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Pet and Stay Up to Date with Boosters

Like humans, pets need vaccinations too, and those vaccinations may require boosters in the future. The best way to stay up to date with pet vaccinations is to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations. 


Is a Single Vaccination Enough to Protect Your Pet?

Immunity against certain animal diseases from vaccines can vary and may last longer for some pets. Therefore, veterinarians recommend boosters at certain intervals to ensure your pet continues to benefit from protection. 

Some diseases require yearly boosters. For example, leptospirosis is one of the most serious infectious diseases in dogs, and it can affect humans as well. Unfortunately, none of the vaccines available on the market for this condition protect beyond one year. 


Core and Non-Core Vaccines 

Your veterinarian’s recommendation will be broken down into two main categories: non-core pet vaccines and core vaccines. Non-core vaccines are those your veterinarian will recommend based on your animal’s lifestyle. Core vaccines, on the other hand, are those recommended for all pets. Some of the reasons why vaccinating your pet and staying up to date with boosters include:


  • It Protects Other Pets in Your Community

When you vaccinate your pet, you will also help ensure that your pet maintains a healthy immunity and contributes to the overall health of the pet population. Essentially, the higher the immunity of the herd is, the lower the chances of a spread of contagious diseases within the pet population. In addition to protecting your pet by vaccinating them will reduce the chances of disease outbreaks such as distemper, which is a viral, highly contagious, and deadly disease.


  • It Protects Your Animal Companion

The main objective of vaccinating your pet and staying up to date with boosters is to protect your loyal furry friend. Many of the diseases you vaccinate against are potentially debilitating or lethal. It is worth noting that in places where pet vaccination is not common, pet lives are not as long and comfortable as they should be. 


  • It Protects Your Family

Many pet owners do not know that some pet diseases can also affect humans. This, however, should not discourage anyone from adopting a pet. The benefits of having a pet far outweigh the risks. Nevertheless, this is another reason why both parasite control and vaccination are important for pets. When you protect your pet from contagious diseases, you may be protecting your family, too. 


  • It Protects the Health of Future Pets

Do you have a puppy? If you do, you know that you cannot take them to meet dogs in public until they are fully vaccinated. This will protect your pet from potentially contagious and dangerous conditions. 


To learn more about the importance of pet vaccines and boosters, call Springwood Veterinary Hospital at our office in Spring, Texas at 281-370-3262.

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