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Mizuka Jara

Mizuka Jara

Mizuka Jara, LVT, Hospital Lead

Mizuka Jara is a Veterinary Technology graduate from OSU-OKC, born in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, she holds the position of Hospital Lead, where she is responsible for delegating tasks, training staff, ordering and budgeting, inventory management, and staff scheduling.

​​​​​​​Mizuka has achieved great success in the past, having graduated from the veterinary tech program and passing the national boards exam for licensure. In her free time, she enjoys going out to eat and playing the piano. Mizuka is a proud pet parent to Aria, an Aussie mix, Apollo, a Shepherd/husky mix, and Ana, a brown tabby. Her goals include continuing her education in veterinary medicine and self-growth in this industry.

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