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Seren Farrar

Seren Farrar

Seren Farrar, Practice Manager

Seren is a highly accomplished Practice Manager with expertise in Staff Care and Engagement, Patient Care, Client Communications, and Community Outreach. Originally from Arkansas and most recently relocated from Seattle, WA, Seren established herself as a top hospital leader in engagement and retention in 2021. Seren has a passion for animal care, having previously worked as a veterinary technician and client service representative.

Seren's love for animals has been a lifelong passion, evident in her involvement with Cowboy Mounted Shooting, 4-H, and livestock shows from a young age. Her focus on staff care stems from ensuring her team is taken care of and enjoys their jobs in a safe and positive environment. She is especially passionate about facilitating further education and providing safe learning spaces for new technicians.

Apart from her work, Seren's hobbies include powerlifting, horseback riding, and traveling. Her love for animals extends to her pets, including her dog Krylic (Border Collie/Corgi) and her cat Figaro (Siamese).

With 10 years of experience in the veterinary medicine field, Seren has shown immense passion and dedication to her profession. Looking forward, Seren's goal is to continue making a positive impact in the industry while providing the best care for both animals and her staff.

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